Biomedical Society Of Zambia

Who We Are

The Biomedical Society of Zambia (BMSZ) is a national nonprofit scientific organization aiming to promote laboratory medicine’s development and advancement. Our Society creates a platform for fostering medical laboratory expertise at both national and international level for its core practitioners of biomedical sciences. Membership is also open to affiliate organisation and non-laboratory individuals with a passion for the advancement of the biomedical profession.

The BMSZ contributes to quality healthcare by representing the interests of biomedical scientists, biomedical technologists, biomedical technicians, and other medical laboratory occupations. We work closely with government, educational institutions, statutory bodies, healthcare professions and other key partners and stakeholders.

As a professional body which represents scientific minds that are behind modern biomedical research and advancement, we believe that our activities can instil stewardship, pride, stakeholder confidence, collaboration, integrity and credibility. We strive to stamp our influence and excellence on the local and international stage of biomedical sciences and set a high bar of professionalism for ourselves and other associations of any discipline.

Through all these activities, we safeguard humanity through “Inspiring confidence in laboratory medicine.”

  • Legal Entity
    • The Society is registered with the Registrar of Societies (Certificate No. ORS/102/35/3854) in accordance with the Societies Act No. 119 of the Laws of Zambia.
  • Mission
    • To promote professionalism in the practice of laboratory medicine, and support the provision of accessible, cost-effective, and quality laboratory services as close to the family as possible.
  • Vision
    • To be an impactful laboratory voice for a healthier world.
    • The Zambia Society of Medical Laboratory Technology (ZSMLT) was founded on 27th April 1968. The Society was formed to promote the knowledge and practice of biomedical sciences in Zambia in order to enhance human health. In July 1968 the Society was accorded a seat of representation in the Ministry of Health to administer issues affecting the profession and its practice. The organisation was also given a seat on the Medical Council of Zambia Board (now Health Professions Council of Zambia) to regulate the registration of biomedical professionals. Further, the society was granted a seat in the Department of Technical Education and Vocational Training (DTEVT) to establish training of medical laboratory practitioners in Zambia. On 14 January 1997, the society changed its name from Zambia Society of Medical Laboratory Technology (ZSMLT) to Biomedical Society of Zambia (BMSZ).
  • Membership
    • The membership of the Society includes both practising and non-practising biomedical personnel in the private and public health institutions, veterinary, teaching and research institutions. These include technicians, technologists, scientists and doctoral-level scientists. Membership is open to students, affiliates, honorary and life members. The Biomedical Society of Zambia is a non-partisan, non-political open-membership organization for all health workers committed to developing the skills and knowledge of biomedical professionals for better healthcare.

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