Biomedical Society Of Zambia


BMSZ implements a mentorship programme that aims at building students and biomedical professionals into what they hope to be. Someone (the mentor) who is more experienced in a particular of interest walks alongside one (the mentee) who wants to learn and grow. There are two streams for the mentorship programme:


Student Mentorship Programme

This programme offers academic, emotional, and social support to students to facilitate their success and prepare them for the professional world upon graduation. Students are either paired with their peers (typically those in higher classes) in a student mentor-student mentee relationship, or with a qualified biomedical professional. We believe that this type of engagement builds a sense of belonging within the school community and motivates learning.  


The Student Mentorship programme also enhances connections among students as they know one another, identify common interests and concerns, and leverage each other’s strengths. Through this programme, biomedical training institutions are encouraged to build a positive school culture by creating authentic and engaging opportunities, unlike toxic environments that are commonplace in higher education institutions.  


Professionals Mentorship Programmes

This programme is aimed at enhancing connections between biomedical professionals who are advanced in their career and those who are behind them at any stage of the ladder. The programme offers a platform for skills development, networking opportunities, problem solving, potential for promotion, learning the workplace culture, and knowledge transfer. Mentors who participate in mentoring others demonstrate their goodwill, leadership, are recognised as advisors, discover new talent, and grow themselves.


The mentoring format can be person to person or organised in groups depending on the goals and convenience of the mentors and the mentees.  Progress on mentorship is tracked through reporting, personal reflection on the experiences through logs, meetings and social events coordinated by the Mentorship Coordinator.

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