Biomedical Society Of Zambia

Individual Member Benefits

  • Monitoring and reviewing legislation surrounding your practice in the biomedical profession in Zambia. Everything we advocate for is in your interest.
  • Protecting your profession from infiltration by people who want to take up what you were trained to do.
  • Negotiated services such as loans and insurance premiums for Society members
  • Funeral grant for Society members
  • Updated job boards so that you are among the first to know about career opportunities.
  • Get recommendation for school or job from the Society if you are in good standing.
  • Professional development through volunteer work, elective attachment, conference attendance, workshops, sessions, and lectures within and outside of Zambia
  • Career and entrepreneurship mentorship for your continuous growth
  • Recognition and recommendation to secure funding for members who have innovative ideas that can be scaled
  • Access to online education courses with personalised certificates and training records in your portal.
  • Being part of a network that encourages collaboration and personal advancement
  • Privileged access to some research training and publications
  • Access to the Society’s newsletter, a quarterly publication containing feature articles, opinions, case studies, advocacy information, and the latest reports about key issues in laboratory medicine. Members will be free to contribute articles and enhance their visibility and professional image.

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